40 Sundays
Geoffrey de Valois
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40 Sundays is Geoffrey de Valois’ 5th feature film. Shooting Sundays only, the 18 month production started January 2009 in Los Angeles and Marseilles France.

Geoffrey de Valois has written, produced, directed, shot, and edited over 450 television programs, commercials, films, promos, DVD’s, documentaries, and computer animation sequences. His fashion and makeup "how-to" videos now have over 1 million views on youtube. His films “Computer Visions” and “Computer Dreams” were the top selling non-fiction laserdiscs in Japan in 1991. They have been updated and expanded and released again in 2008 as part of: “The History of Computer Animation”. His 2008 release of the public television docu-drama “Love Has The Right To Choose - The Emma B. Freeman Story” is now available on amazon.com.

Geoffrey de Valois holds a B.A. in psychology, and an M.A. in film production. His background includes staff positions at Lucasfilm’s ILM in visual effects, and as a television writer/producer/director/editor at IBM. His academic career includes 10 years teaching film and television production at San Francisco State, San Jose State, Humboldt State, and Cal State Los Angeles. He was the keynote speaker at Video Expo LA in 1990, and was a judge and keynote speaker at FIFOM – the 1990 and 1992 Montreal International Computer Graphics Film Festival.

Geoffrey de Valois’ programs have been broadcast in over 70 countries, and have won numerous awards, including Best Documentary at both the Mill Valley and San Jose Film Festivals, 3 Cine Golden Eagles, 2 Houston International Film Festival Gold Awards, 2 US Film Festival Gold Awards, and several CINDY and TELLY Awards. His 1994 “Stud” was the first Mandarin/English language hip-hop music video, and was widely played across China along with his NightFire video “Jump It”.

Geoffrey de Valois’ 1995 16mm cult black comedy “The Vampire Conspiracy” which debuted in Cannes France, was the first full length feature film to be streamed on the internet. 2009 saw the release of his reboot feature “The Dark Gift”. His band NightFire’s first CD release - “The Dark Gift” soundtrack is now available worldwide on iTunes and amazon.com.

Geoffrey de Valois is a published author, with books for the IEEE Computer Society Press, and Draculina Publishing. His 2 newest books "40 Sundays" and “101 Poses for Art, Figure & Glamour Photography” will be available on amazon.com summer 2011. His work has been profiled in American Cinematographer, Broadcast, Daily Variety, Electronic Media, Forbes, L’Express, Los Angeles Daily News, Omni, Post Magazine, Verbum, the Washington Post, Weekly Reader; and seen on CNN, CNBC, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Financial News Network, Inside Edition, and E! Entertainment.

Geoffrey de Valois’ first production company - Digital Vision Entertainment Group, helped revolutionize the visual effects - computer animation industry by introducing the use of desktop PC’s to create network and studio quality animation in 1985; and also helped pioneer and document the creation of computer generated “synthetic actors” in the 1990’s. Along with animator R. Fernandez, DVEG created computer animation sequences for ABC TV, Buena Vista TV, Columbia Pictures TV, Disney Home Video, Fox TV, Lifetime TV, Playboy Channel, and PBS. DVEG’s computer animated characters Ray Tracy and Roy Sands have worked as international program hosts on Fox and PBS.

Love Has The Right To Choose

History of Computer Animation Volume 3

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